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for roles in customer service
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About AMI’s Youth Employment Accelerator (YEA)
AMI, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, is developing a scalable model for training and placing disadvantaged youth into entry-level positions. This 6-week job-readiness ‘bootcamp’, called the Youth Employment Accelerator (YEA), will launch with its first pilot programme in Nairobi in October, 2016. The programme will leverage AMI’s blended-learning approach to prepare 300 unemployed young people aged 18-24 to take on customer service or call centre positions with some of Kenya’s most innovative and fast-growing companies. The aim is to work with employers to help at least 100 young people find a job by the end of the programme.
Benefits to Employers

Employment partners would be supporting an initiative giving disadvantaged youth in East Africa a start in their careers, whilst benefiting from:

    Strong recruits
  • Access to a pool of strong and prepared entry-level hires
  • Rigorous screening and selection process for new recruits
    Proven training model
  • Training on key gaps identified in customer service and sales positions
  • Leveraging best-practice adult-learning techniques to build skills
    On-the-job support
  • On-going on-the-job support for up to 6 months (including additional training for performance)
    Manager training
  • Support and training for the managers of new recruits
Building skills that make a difference

The YEA programme is built around the skills and knowledge areas key to the success of new hires in sales and customer service roles. AMI conducted over 40 interviews with companies across East Africa, and with this input, built a programme to prepare recruits with the skills they need to succeed in these roles. To learn more about the programme, download the Programme Design brochure